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CEO Regina Symons always has time for special moments
with athletes that compete with American Cheer Power!


"What a great time my team had at your Fiesta Texas Comptition.  The girls had a blast in the park and the parents were thrilled at how smoothly the event ran.  I was thoroughly impressed with the hospitality of your staff.  Everyone was professional and friendly..."
Shana Green, Del Valle ISD

"Thank you so much for an amazing competition.  It ran very smoothly and all the extra awards were so great!  Look forward to seeing you at Nationals."  JoLinda, Nocona Cheer Unlimited

"Our squad, coaches and parents enjoyed your Midwest Nationals in Columbus and were quite impressed with the organization of this event.  We will be back again next year..."
Jessica Marksberry
Xtreme Cheer Elite

Mailing Address for U.S. Postal Service, UPS, Fed-Ex:
201 Spruce   Dickinson, TX  77539

Fax (281) 339-2976
Cheer Staff Extensions:  15, 19
Power Dance Questions:  xt. 12
Vendors:  xt. 10


   American Cheer Power is in its 27th year of business!  The company was founded by Regina Symons and her philosophy which revolves around the athletes!  Symons believes that athletes work hard at practice, compete hard at competition and should have fun at awards!  She also believes in rewarding the athletes for their dedication to the sport of cheerleading!
   We are proud to say that in 2008 we became a part of the largest cheer company in the country today Ė VARSITY!  Varsity offers many opportunities for gyms with their Varsity Family Plan!  This is a HUGE BENEFIT to anyone competing with a Varsity brand company!  This year we are excited to announce there will be NO BRAND REQUIREMENT which means you can attend any Varsity Brand Competition and still receive your rebate!
   Symons brought levels to Texas and was the first company to offer the LETíS CHEER division where no tumbling was needed in order to feel successful against other teams of the same ability!  She believes that feeling success at one level will bring that drive to compete at another level. 

     Cheerleading is a family affair and everyone likes to get into the sport!  Cheer Power is home of the Parent Challenge!  Parents can make stressful National Championships fun by performing their own routine!  This year we also have the PARENT SPIRIT CHALLENGE.  We recognize parent groups in the stands that bring signs and dress in team colors.  Remember to always bring your spirit to Cheer Power Competitions!  YOU help us make it FUN for the ATHLETES!  And don't forget the Cool Mom, Dad and Grandparent prizes along with the Parent Appreciation Prize at Nationals!

   Cheer Power is the home of the Individual High Point Championship!  Individual athletes are encouraged to compete in different events offered by Cheer Power.  They love keeping up with the results on the web site and attending our RED CARPET EVENT where High Point awards are given.  Individuals were brought to another level with our VEGAS NATIONíS BEST CHAMPIONSHIP and also this year CYBERCHEER INDIVIDUAL CHAMPIONSHIP.  This upcoming season Varsity brands having individual event will qualify their athletes for the end of the year VEGAS NATION'S BEST CHAMPIONSHIP.
   Symons believes no athlete should be left out!  Cheer Power gives one SPONSORED ATHLETE per team (regionals only) to help out those gyms that give so much to their athletes as well.  WE also give 3rd family discounts and FREE DVDS to all teams at every competition!  We will be giving SPECTATOR ENTRY FEE DISCOUNTS to our Grandparents 60 and older along with our Military Families! 

   Our World Bids will be given in Texas for Dance and in Ohio for Cheer!  We are offering a CASH BASH in Texas where $20,000 will be given away to high scoring teams in both SMALL GYMS AND LARGE GYMS!  No one will be left out in this ONE OF A KIND CHAMPIONSHIP!  Also NEW THIS YEAR will be our VARSITY TEXAS CHAMPIONSHIP!  Click the Button on our home page to read more about The Battle For Texas.

   Cheer Power is thankful for all of the coaches out there that have given so much to our sport and to each athlete that they train!  WE are thankful for all of our supportive parents that attend all of the competitions and stay late for individual events!  We are AND ALWAYS WILL BE THANKFUL FOR OUR AWESOME ATHLETES!  THEY ARE THE TRUE STARS OF OUR SHOW!

Watch for the Cheer Power
18 Wheeler to roll into your town with the latest
in spring floors, sound equipment and special awards for all the athletes!