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Coaches and Parents!

A special Thank You to all of our teams for the YEARS AND YEARS of competing with American Cheer Power! We love and appreciate all of our coaches and parents! The Athlete has and always will be the focus of American Cheer Power!

Cheer Power will be giving out D1 and D2 Summit bids along with US Finals bids! Please go to our website and the calendar will give you the number of bids to be given at each competition. CHEER POWER will also hold several D2 Championships during the year. You will find all of these dates on our website.

Cheer Power will only require Stay to Play at Southern Nationals in San Antonio, TX, Midwest Nationals in Columbus, OH, Cash Bash Mini Nationals in Galveston, TX and the Bid Championship in Grapevine, TX. ROOM COUNTS are so important DUE TO reserving these venues year after year. Galveston gives our company $20,000 for high room counts on the island! Cheer Power is always excited to give that money back to our teams! We have enjoyed our relationship with Connections Housing due to the fact that if a team needs a hotel with special pricing they will work with your budget! They will also make it easy for coaches by giving them a link for their parents! Please email Regina@cheerpower.com if you have any problems at all! Please register early for our National Events to insure your team(s) a spot! Also, please do not make Air Fare until you are sure you are registered! Please remember that getting your Hotel accommodations for a National Event does not mean you are registered for that event!

For all Stay to Play Championships, you can fill out an Exemption form if you plan to commute to the competition or you plan to stay with family! You are also welcome to give Connections Housing a budget for them to work with. Please made sure you are aware of the CANCELLATION POLICY! They had to put this in place due to teams booking hotel rooms early and then cancelling a good number of them so close to competition time that the hotel doesnít have an opportunity to re-book. The system will show really good hotels FULL when they are actually NOT FULL! This policy is available on the website for you to view.

The staff here at Cheer Power is looking forward to another great season! We would like to wish all of you a very successful cheer/dance season! We look forward to seeing your new routines, wonderful and fun parents, very talented coaches, and most of all Ė THE ATHLETES! We missed you this summer and are looking forward to seeing you again! We wish MUCH SUCCESS to all our Graduating Seniors!

Ms. Regina Brand Manager and Founder of American Cheer Power

Click below for Required Hotel Rooming Rosters:
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Click below for Individual Hotel Reservations: 
Cash Bash Mini Nationals
Southern Nationals
Midwest Nationals


Click below for Hotel Room Block Requests:
Cash Bash Mini Nationals
Southern Nationals
Midwest Nationals


Click below for Hotel Exemption Form:
Cash Bash Mini Nationals
Southern Nationals
Midwest Nationals

Cancellation Policy:

  • Cash Bash - $100 fee starting on December 7, no refund starting on December 21
  • Southern - $100 fee starting on December 28, no refund starting on January 11
  • Midwest - $100 fee starting on March 1, no refund starting March 15

Housing Policy FAQS:

Who is required to stay through our Housing Company?

Any coach, parent or athlete that is staying in a hotel.  Gyms that are within 75 miles of the venue will be exempt unless they make the decision to stay in a hotel. You must be registered for the event before hotel reservations can be made.

What if the hotel that Iíd like to stay in is showing no rooms available?

Ask Connections to put you on a waiting list for that hotel.  As deadlines near, a few rooms do open up at most hotels.  You should go ahead and get another room booked and then if something opens up they will move you to the requested hotel.  This is the reason for the cancellation policy.  This will give us a more accurate room availability.

What happens if a team or individual does not abide by policy?

Teams or individuals will be ineligible to participate in the event.

What if the hotel I would like to stay at isnít showing on Connections site?

Contact Connections and they will try their best to get the hotel added to their site.

What if I would like to book a suite at a hotel?

Connections will try to accommodate any housing request.

Can I book at room myself as long as the hotel is on the Connections website?

No, rooms must be booked directly through Connections Housing!

What if I have family in the area that I would like to stay with or would like to use hotel reward points?

American Cheer Power understands the expense that parents have with All-star Cheerleading and we would like to help in any way we can.  Our company gives 3rd family discounts and also sponsors one athlete per team at every regional championship.  In order to help with Stay to Play we created a HOUSING EXCEPTION FORM if you plan to stay with relatives or friends or if you are using your reward points at a certain hotel. You can find this form on our website and it must be submitted 3 weeks prior to the event.  Exceptions will be approved or denied by the end of the month.

If Iíve booked a block for my team through Connections Housing, does that mean I am registered to compete at the competition?

No, a hotel reservation does not guarantee your registration for the American Cheer Power National event! You must go on line and fill out a registration form in order for your team to compete.  Please do this as early as possible.  These events are closed based on venue space.


If you have any questions about the Housing Policy you may contact Connections Housing at 844-782-9227 (STAYACP) or email at regina@cheerpower.com.