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(formerly Stay to Play)

Coaches and Parents!

A special THANK YOU for all the years of competing with American Cheer Power!  We have implemented our SECURED PLAY EVENTS which was previously called Stay to Play.  As Cheer Power grew and needed to secure large venues it became necessary to give the city a room count so that we could contract venues for several years ahead!  You need to be registered  BEFORE reserving a hotel room or acquiring airfare! 

Please read below the Championships that will be Secured Play Events!   We have also answered many of the questions you may have.   All other Cheer Power events not listed below are NOT a Secured Play Event!  You may contact Connections Housing at any time you would like to secure a room.  There are several ways you can be exempt from our Secured Play and those are listed below.  If you have any other questions please feel free to call the Cheer Power office   1Ė800-500-0840.  If you need a certain priced room Connections will be glad to help you find what you need. 

The following forms MUST BE FILLED OUT:

        National Packet

        Exempt form if you ae eligible (Filled out on line only)

        Coaches Compliance form

Secured Play Event:  is our policy of having to stay in a block of hotels contracted by Connections Housing.  Secured Play Events are a two-night minimum with some exceptions when Prep teams perform only one day.  This is done upon request.

Secured Play Exemptions:  The exemption form can be found on  by clicking the HOTEL link.  It must be filled out online.  The DEADLINE to submit an exemption request is 30 days prior to the event.

1.  Using Points for a Free Room  If you have enough points to redeem for an entirely free stay, you are allowed to do so. 

2.  Living in Close Proximity  If your gym is within 75 miles from the venue, you are not required to stay in a hotel.  This must be able to be verified through 

3.  Military Discount  We appreciate our military and give a $5 discount off all spectator fees for active military with ID.  If you are able to get a lower hotel rate with a military or government discount, you are allowed. 

Secured Play Events for the 2019-2020 Season:

        Cash Bash, Galveston, TX - January 11-12, 2020
- Host hotel is Moody Gardens. When it's full Connections Housing will handle the rest of the requests

        Southern Nationals, San Antonio, TX -  February 1-2, 2020
- Connections Housing
Click Here for Team Room Blocks

        Bid Championship, Grapevine, TX - March 28-29, 2020
- Gaylord Texan Hotel is the Host Hotel and handles all the bookings

Required by All Teams:  Housing Roster Form

        Midwest World Bid, Columbus, OH - March 28-29, 2020
- Connections Housing
Click Here for Team Room Blocks


Secured Play FAQS:

1. Who is required to stay at Secured Play Events?  Any coach, parent or athlete that is staying in a hotel.  Gyms that are within 75 miles of the venue will be exempt unless they make the decision to stay in a hotel. You must be registered for the event before hotel reservations can be made.

2.  What if the hotel that Iíd like to stay in is showing no rooms available?  Ask Connections to put you on a waiting list for that hotel.  As deadlines near, a few rooms do open up at most hotels.  You should go ahead and get another room booked and then if something opens up they will move you to the requested hotel.  This is the reason for the cancellation policy.  This will give us a more accurate room availability.

3.  How do you keep track that all teams are abiding by this rule?  Cheer Power is using a Housing Compliance roster for each team registered.  Coaches must submit these forms for all teams attending.  Any performer that is not compliant with this policy will be ruled ineligible.  We will require the team compliance roster be filled out by all teams attending Secured Play Events, regardless if they are within 75 miles or not.

4.  What if the hotel I would like to stay at isnít showing on Connections site?  Contact Connections at 844-782-9227 and they will try their best to get the hotel added to their site.

5.  What if I would like to book a suite at a hotel?  Connections will try to accommodate any housing request.

6.  Can I book at room myself as long as the hotel is on the Connections website?  No, rooms must be booked directly through Connections Housing.

7.  If Iíve booked a block for my team through Connections Housing, does that mean I am registered to compete at the competition?  No, a hotel reservation does not guarantee your registration for the American Cheer Power National event! You must go on line and fill out a registration form in order for your team to compete.  Please do this as early as possible.  These events are closed based on venue space.