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American Cheer Power
Patriotic Holiday -- Oklahoma City, OK -- 11-9-13
Specialty Awards
High Point Winners
Level 1:
Lawton Xtreme Athletics Sapphire
Level 2:
Cheer Eclipse Shooting Stars
Level 3:
Cheer Eclipse Starblaze
Level 4 & 5:
Twist and Shout Junior Love
AS Prep Level 1:
Head Over Heels Sparkz
AS Prep Level 2:
Twist and Shout Junior Prep
Individual High Point Winners
Chandler Wigley- United Cheer
Super Star Winners
Madi Davis- Cheer City United
Molly, Aubree, Emma- Galaxy Cheer Express
Lawson Godwin- Cheer City United
Alaina Hackworth- Findlay Cheer Elite
Travel Team
Power Cheer Athletics - 220 Miles - Fayetteville, AR.
Team Participation:
Large Gym: Twist N Shout
Small Gym: Unique Cheer
Individual Participation:
Galaxy Cheer Express
Parent Participation:
Head Over Heels 
Galaxy Cheer Express
Cheer Eclipse
Cheers & More
McAlister Stars
Stars Elite Cheer
Cool Dads
Richard Smith- Lawton Xtreme Athletics
William Parker- Twist and Shout
Cool Moms
Melissa Watts- McAlister Stars
Cari Zoeller- Cheer Eclipse
Cool Grandparent
Don Burdick- Lawton Xtreme Athletics
Pam Warren- Cheers & More
Gyms That Supported Our Troops
Head Over Heels
United Elite
Galaxy Cheer
Cheers & More
McAlester Stars
Cheer Eclipse
Twist and Shout
Lawton Xtreme
Super Star Tumbling